Medox ® - The natural way to boost your immune system




Medox® has been shown to have a variety of positive health benefits in illnesses linked to inflammation and oxidative stress.

Totally pure and natural, Medox® was introduced in Norway some sixteen years ago and has been so successful that it is recommended by the Norwegian Heart & Lung Patient Association.

During this time several million capsules have been consumed without any known side effects or interactions with other products.*

In a follow-up study over two years of 1500 cardiac patients taking Medox®, 76% reported having fewer colds, 34% experienced a fall in blood pressure and 44% a reduction in cholesterol levels.

Likewise there have been no known side effects or interactions with this follow-up group.

Medox® is made by extracting anthocyanins from Scandinavian bilberries and blackcurrants.

Anthocyanins are the pigments that give these berries their blue colour and are the plant's own immune defence system.

They are also powerful antioxidants.

It is the unique and world patented extraction process that sets Medox® apart from other products of this type. Anthocyanins are often destroyed in the extraction process - tests with similar products have shown them to contain little or no anthocyanins. Intact molecules are imperative for efficient absorption by the body.

*Check with Doctor first if taking Warfarin.

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